Renaissance Ribera Church


The white chapel that shines in the contrast of the blue ocean and the sky.
You will be impressed by Dolphins’ blessing.
The naming of white has a meaning of “sacred seaside”.
Dolphins will make you smile.

Facility / Service

  • Best quality of party and marine menu make all guests satisfied.
    We provide satisfactory facilities and programs for the people who want
    to relax or for the more active ones.
    We are sure that our treasured guest will never forget this experience.
  • You will feel like you will be promising your
    eternal love in a fantastic space.
    The chapel located on the cape which you can
    overlook the horizon.
    The shining marine blue wedding aisle made of
    grass makes you feel walking on the ocean.
  • Anyone can enjoy the resort life over the generation.
    All rooms with ocean view and balconies.
    Choose from an extensive menu of marine activities
    such as such a diving, dolphin program or cruises.
    We have a wide variety of Spa and massage.
    We make an effort to satisfy many people of all generation.