Having a honeymoon in Okinawa, a place with the blessing of the sun, is the perfect choice for couples who have sworn eternal love.
Your wonderful memories in this special place will shine a light on the path which you will walk together from now on, just like the sunlight shining down on the island of Okinawa.

A special time at a luxury hotel for just the two of you.

A luxury resort hotel is the perfect choice for your special trip. A villa with a private pool, infinity pool overlooking the emerald ocean, the best dinner with a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the ocean and outdoor spa in which you can hear the relaxing sound of the waves etc. You can spend a wonderful time at a hotel where you can enjoy the many blessings of Okinawan nature.

Experience special things in Okinawa together to make your honeymoon more memorable.

Rich nature including spectacular coral reefs in the ocean and traditional culture originating from the Ryukyu era etc. Okinawa is a glamorous place with many unique attractions. A honeymoon is a chance for the two of you to experience a variety of attractions together. You can enjoy marine sports and Okinawan cuisine which uses plenty of local ingredients etc. Everything will add more color to your honeymoon.