It’s not only about “eating.” But also about Okinawan food culture which you can “experience” at local markets.

Makishi Public Market

Beautiful beaches are not the only Okinawa’s attractions, but also places with a traditional atmosphere where you can feel the olden days. A place that you must visit to see such scenery is the Makishi Public Market in Naha city. This market is known as the Okinawan’s kitchen and you can enjoy the local atmosphere around the market. Along both sides of the narrow maze-like streets, there are many traditional small shops, and you will meet friendly, lively old ladies. When people take a walk and browse around here, they experience a nostalgic feeling like stepping back in time to the olden days. This is a place where people can experience the “good old” days.


Taste of Okinawa

Sunrise Naha Shopping Street is another place where you can enjoy the local atmosphere. In this local area, there is a shop where you can not only enjoy “tasting” the food of Okinawa which one of the foremost prefectures for longevity in Japan, but also experience cooking. Their cooking program is totally different to the ordinary cooking classes. It starts with ingredients selected while browsing around at a market. From the lecture about ingredients and food culture to the actual cooking, you can experience various things relating to Okinawan cuisine. To make your honeymoon in Okinawa even more special, in addition to enjoying Okinawan nature and activities, why don’t you experience Okinawan food culture which is full of secrets for longevity?