Legal Wedding on Miyako Island, the best paradise island in Okinawa

Allamanda Chapel

You can get legally married by submitting a marriage registration form to municipal offices and receiving their wedding certificates. The Legal Wedding in Okinawa has been popular among couples from Hong Kong. Among popular tourist places in Okinawa, Miyako Island is especially recommended. It is the best place for the resort wedding as there are many chapels and wedding venues overlooking the ocean. A wedding ceremony with the view of “Miyako blue” ocean, known as the best in the East, and a party in a lush green garden or restaurant with the ocean view…you can make your dream come true only in Miyako Island.


Miyakojima City Hall

A couple from Hong Kong, who love Miyako Island, chose this place for their Legal Wedding. Celebrating Miyako Island’s first legal wedding, the whole town turned into a festive mood. Soon after they arrived, they received a warm welcome by town officers. At the ceremony, they received not only the certificate but only a message from the mayor. Only people in Miyako Island who are full of warm hospitality can offer this. With the warm service in addition to the extraordinary location with the view of Miyako blue, their wedding must’ve become very memorable.