Vow Renewal to express your thankfulness in Okinawa

A couple who swear love again

The peaceful time that you have finally reached after spending a long time together while sharing joy and sadness. Now is the great opportunity to express the feelings of thankfulness you have for each other. It is usually embarrassing to say “Thank you” to your husband or wife in the daily life. If so, let’s visit Okinawa, which is filled with extraordinariness. Among many places on the main island, Nakijin village where the beautiful sea and lush greenery spread out is the most recommended. It is perfectly located overlooking Kouri Island, which is also called the Love Island, and the gentle atmosphere and peaceful time will relax your heart and your words of thanks will just slip off the tongue.


Coral Chapel

Places on the coast of Nakiijn village are the most suitable for your Vow Renewal. Kouri Island, which is connected with Okinawa’s main island by Kouri Bridge, can be viewed from the coast. Kouri Island is also called the“Love Island.” The white sand beach spreads out and the emerald green ocean with crystal clear water sparkles. In such a setting with the Okinawan rich nature, you can relax and be more comfortable to express the words of love you have for each other. There are resort hotels of various sizes around here, so it is also convenient for you to find the accommodation after the ceremony. Have your Vow Renewal while enjoying a family trip.