Marriage proposal on the ocean with a glowing sunset

Hotel Nikko Alivila

Yomitan village is located about an hour by car form Naha. Because of the easy access from the city center in addition to the magnificent natural landscape, this area is very popular as a resort and well-known for its beautiful sunsets. The clear blue ocean and sky will change color into beautiful red at sunset, then gradually into pale purple, and finally becomes filled with twinkling stars. The atmosphere created by the elegant and graceful sceneries, which is different to the bright and open atmosphere in the day time, is perfectly suited to your marriage proposal opportunity. If you would like a special moment for your loved one, why don’t you propose on the ocean with the glowing sunset in Yomitan village? The words of your proposal will stay in your loved one’s heart forever.


Hotel Nikko Alivila’s catamaran yacht KIRA

If you want to plan a memorable marriage proposal in Yomitan village, the place of beautiful sunsets, going out on the ocean on a catamaran yacht is the best option. The yacht sets out on the ocean just before the sun sets. The ocean and sky change color one after another. With your loved one, you can experience sceneries that can only be seen at sunset time. When the yacht arrives offshore and puts up the sail, you will be surrounded by tranquility. This is the best time to propose to your loved one. With the gentle winds, red sky and ocean as a background, your wish for the most romantic proposal will come true.