Be.Okinawa unforgettable moments

Be vitalized. Be fulfilled. Be in love.


unforgettable moments

This is what Okinawa promises for both of you.
The spread of happiness in Okinawa.

In a place surrounded by rich nature,
For your happy moments,
With our best hospitality spirits,
Support your happiness and make your dream come true.
This is the happiness of Okinawa.

Seeing both of your smiles
Brings happy smiles to Okinawa as well.

Your happiness brings more happiness.
You can experience the spread of happiness in Okinawa.

Couple Anniversary

Spend the important days of your life in this special place.

Legal Wedding

Having a legal wedding at a tropical resort in Okinawa. You will receive an official Japanese marriage certificate. The beautiful Okinawan sun will promise you a bright future.

Resort Wedding

The beautiful and rich nature of Okinawa will gently embrace not only you but also your important guests. The sea behind everyone’s smiles will look even shinier.


Honeymoon in Okinawa, a place with the blessing of the sun. Your wonderful memories of Okinawa will shine a light on the path which you will walk together from now on.


Now is the time to convey your untold feelings to that special person. What you will need is the atmosphere of Okinawa which unleashes your heart, surprise and a little courage.

Vow Renewal

A feeling of thankfulness which you always have for your partner. But you may be embarrassed to convey it after being together for a long time. If so, why don’t you have a “Vow Renewal” in Okinawa? On your wedding anniversary or partner’s birthday, it is the best opportunity to express your thankfulness.


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unforgettable moments